What a Gemini Woman Wants

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Published: 03rd August 2012
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Beautiful, brainy, attractive, thatís what a Gemini woman is all about. She is good looking and intelligent. So, if you are looking for beauty with brains, a Gemini woman is what you should be looking for. She is interesting, fun and a great companion. She is good with her tasks and does her work at lightning speed. She is a multitasker and always manages things perfectly.

The fun loving Gemini woman: - A Gemini woman is so much fun and full of life that everybody wants to get her attention. Let us tell you, you have to put all your efforts to win her affection. She is a great observer and always wears her thinking cap. She is a big dreamer. Well, who doesnít dream? But it is quite different with a Gemini woman. The one amazing thing about her is that she is enthusiastic and always tries and learns new things.

She is emotional but hides it from others. She doesnít show her emotions on her face. A Gemini woman is funny, full of energy and creative on one hand; contradictory, fickle, and superficial on the other. She is a bundle of maddening contradictions. But she is simply adorable, someone who loves life and adds zest and happiness to the world by being what she is.

Gift of the gab: -A Gemini woman is the life and soul of any party and her knowledge about almost everything amazes all. She is a Jack-of-all-trades, but that does not mean she lacks the ability to master skills. A Gemini woman has an active and creative mind. She is like a free bird. She doesnít want to be tied down by anything Ė family obligations, rules or regulations. She always comes up with interesting topics to talk about and hence, her conversations will never bore you. A Gemini woman has the gift of the gab. She simply loves to talk.
If intellectual stimulation is what you are looking for, you will find it in the Gemini woman. The Gemini woman is known as the 'one girl harem' because of her capacity to present more than one exterior. She is versatile and has an amazing grasp of the subject she chooses, although it may not interest her for long.

Love and the Man for a Gemini woman:- While love is important for a Gemini woman, it is not the most important thing for her. She is romantic by nature and has a keen interest in men. An arrogant and dominating partner will never work for her. It is very difficult to understand a Gemini woman and her personality of extremes. The funny thing is, her contrasting character can baffle her partner, who has a difficult time figuring out what she thinks and what she wants. One will find it difficult to figure out whether she is happy or angry.

Mostly, Gemini women understand love and romance well and change partners with utmost ease. A Gemini woman can easily discontinue a relationship, if she thinks it is getting difficult or may lead to complications in future.
The man in a Gemini womanís life has to be imaginative and not afraid of experimentation, if he wants to keep her satisfied. He needs to adjust to her many different characters. The truth is, itís her contrasts that make her.

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