Mercury Direct Astro Effects

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Published: 08th October 2012
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Mercury, the planet that rules all matters related to communication in astrology has been in direct mode since August 7, 2012. We are still under the influence of Mercury and the rapid changes happening in and around us are all due to the beneficial influence of Mercury. Astrologically, the time ahead is focused on bringing things together instead of pushing them apart, for you love birds. Married folks spend a lot of time rekindling their romantic feelings for each other. You will even want to present your spouse with a gift. Those in a relationship will find all past verbal spats being resolved. Couples who have dated for a long time will decide positively to marry, and you can shed all the fears you have regarding whether your family will support you. Those waiting for a divorce pronouncement will hear it soon.

As per astrology, what you do behind the scenes makes all the difference during this Mercury ruled period. Your attention to detail, all but guarantees that things will occur on time and, for the most part, seem flawless. It`s okay to brag a little about a successful venture you`ve worked hard on.

This favourable period celebrates your closest business and personal relationships as the planet Mercury is favourable. It also provides you further insights into an idea that gradually starts coming together and shaping up into something exciting. It seems like a winning idea, something you can count on and build upon. This astrologically powerful period represents a culmination of hours, weeks or months of effort finally coming into focus.

If you are working on a property or money-related deal, keep it to yourself as the planets Mercury and Ketu may cause trouble. On the other hand, what may have seemed like a last attempt at saving a situation, will actually turn out to be a brilliant idea during this phase of Mercury.

Don`t promise anything to your family that you`ll be unable to fulfil. Alternately, this week will give you a fresh start, new beginning or even a sort of confession. A certain heavy weight will be lifted off your chest as the planets Venus and Mars are in your favour. You start from the bottom up, addressing various shortcomings, mistakes or misstatements and then follow up with truth and solutions.

Based on Mercuryís condition and to which incredible human body or systems it is linked, it can be related to the following: interaction, discussion, robbery, fraud, sudden temperament, information, information, perceptive activities, and knowledge.

Mercury retrograde is infamously known for this kind of items as interaction screw-ups and uncertainty, computer as well as other technology bugs, travel setbacks, organizing disputes, equipment break-downs, and problems with new venture releases.

Mercury retrograde does not make this kind of problems happen, itís just synonymous with these factors. As above, so below.

Mercury retrogrades are identified to be excitement to go much more greatly into current tasks, re-examine already noticed leads, re-do factors, and complete problems already in movement. It is a time to slowly down a bit and be a lot more careful.

Your thinking will get clearer and your ability to mentally and emotionally connect with others also improves due to the influence of Mercury and the Sun. You will also feel more comfortable, more relaxed, and more at peace. Mercury going direct brings out the very best in you.

Astrologers believe that the planets have a very important role to play in our lives and during these important movements it becomes all the more important for us to take due care. Problems can be avoided and good fortune can be ensured by planning one's day or time ahead based on the position of planets. Vedic Astrology also focuses on match making based on planets that rule one's luck.

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